17 September 2008

Blogging Is Good For Indonesian's Students (English Task)

NOW, you can share your experience, you can upload your photos, through a blog! Blog is like a website, but it's very different. For new Internet comer like us, if we want to share our experience (and other small things like that), it's difficult if we must make a website. You must understand about algorithm, and other computer's language. So, you can start "blogging" now. It's easy, and fun to share your ideas with other people throughout the world. You can go to multiply.com or blogger.com, make your account, and start blogging.

Everything has the advantages and disadvantages. And, I think blog has more advantages than disadvantages. If we are an entrepreneur, we can sell our product through a blog. If we are a mother, we can share how to care to our child, many recipes that we can cook in our home, and other tips.

If it is good for adult, is it good for us, students? I think yes.

I think blogging is good for us, Indonesia's students. Through blog, we can share our daily experience, our feel, our knowledge, and many others. Beside that, blog help us to reduce the global warming phenomenon. Blogging isn't using paper to write. So, we can minimize the cut of trees.

Especially for students, we can learn much more from blogging. We can visit other student's blog throughout the world, and learn how they're life, what they do daily, what they study in the school, etc. And of course, we can share our knowledge.

Beside that, the teachers can write the material through the blog, and the students can copy it, and then they can study it in each home. So, if the teachers enter the class, they just ask the material that they don't understand, and discuss it. It's effective and efficient, isn't it?

And if you are interesting to make your blog account, you can follow this instructions:
First, you can open your Internet explorer in your computer. You must sure that you have Internet connection.
Next, you type the web address : WWW.blogger.com
Then, click "create your blog now"
After that, fill the blank, and follow the instructions.
Next, click "continue" and follow the instructions again.
And finally, you have made your account and you can start blogging with click "new post" and write your experience, your activities, your knowledge, your idea, etc.

I think it's enough. Maybe you know other advantages of blogging. You can share it with me. I'll wait it. Thank you.

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