23 Oktober 2008

Watched Laskar Pelangi (Recount-English Task)

Last week, I went to the movie with my Junior High School’s friends. They was Karima, Ratna, Pury, Najmi, Surya, and Rangga. We interested to watch Laskar Pelangi, because some of us have read the novel. At 10.00 a.m. we gathered in front of Cornaga, and waited Putri, but she didn't come. She sent short message to us, and said that she couldn't come.

We went to Blitzmegaplex in Paris van Java. After buying the ticket, we saw new release-book in Gramedia. I wanted to buy a novel, but I couldn’t, because I didn’t have money to buy. I just looked it, and I hoped that one day I can buy it.

I felt surprise when I see my other friends, Nita and Perantami. We haven’t met for 3 months. They said that they want to watch film too, but they didn’t watch Laskar Pelangi. They watched Rec.

After seeing the books in Gramedia, we went to the Blitz. Before entering the studio, we bought some snacks in Snack Corner. After that, we entered the studio and sat up. During the film, I ate the snacks. Sometimes we laughed when we see funny scene of the film, especially when Ikal met A Ling and Mahar sang a song. Beside of that, this film was inspired and gave spirit to us to study harder.

After seeing the film, we felt hungry and bought lunch, and then we went home. I felt happy and fun.

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  1. wow, you look so great in writing in english. and yes,,,that's really recount text: using past tense, and also there are some sequences. you wrote in your story what you did before watched 'Laskar Pelangi'.
    i hope you can imrove your writing. the more often you write, the more perfect your writing is.
    may i give you some correction on grammar?
    it's not bad actually, but i believe you want to be a master in writing english, don't you?
    but let me take a look your other writings, alright?
    see you:)Restri