18 November 2010

NAD, Snow, Sick, Homework, Exam, Eid Al-Adha...

So, yea, wonderful days still continue in U-Dab. I wish I could explain to you all the details. But, so many things happen in a time, and I can't always write it on time.

The first thing that I wanna share to you is... NAD! NAD is abbreviation for North American Day, one of five cultural days that take place in my school.

Started with dinner, and ended with cultural show; only one word that I could say: awesome.

Held in the cafeteria, with a cool music, and everyone was dancing.

Thank you for your photos, Simona!

So, I really enjoyed the night, and I swore that the next MAAD (Middle Eastern, Asian, Australian Day) will be more awesome than this.

The second thing is, snow. Yes, snow. Finally, I saw snow for the first time. When I wanted to go to swimming pool last Monday, it was so cold. And suddenly the snow fell. Unfortunately, it's only in a short time, so, there's not enough snow to make U-Dab as a white paradise (according to what Naoki said, haha). But, it was cool and I like snow. It was tiny, white, and soft; just like a cotton.

The third thing is, sick. Everyone is starting to have cold or flu. It's really contagious. Moreover, I had free code today because my math teacher is sick! Well ya, even though the snow isn't still too much, but the temperature already dropped. You can't go to dinner using flip-flop, or go outside without a jacket or coat (except Canadian people, their perception about how cold the weather is absolutely different, they still can go outside wearing a boxer, flip-flop, and a thin shirt).

The fourth things are homework and exam. Facing the end of the semester makes people frustrate, because there are lots of homeworks and exams waiting for us. And many 'heavy' homeworks such as Research Paper and Internal Assessment are due thanksgiving, which is next week. So, everyone is getting crazy, and feeling depressed. Maybe it's also the reason why many people are sick.

The hard thing is, how you can balance your life while many things happened around you. Many people joked about the three things U-Dab about are sleeping, studying, and socializing; but you only can do two of them. That's neither true nor false. It depends on yourself. For me, socializing and studying is in one beautiful package. I do socializing when I'm studying.

That's the thing that I can't get in back home. At least, I should spend minimum 2 hours each day to go to school, and go back to home. My friends in Tiga were awesome, but there's no such collision as what happened here, among many cultures, religions, and beliefs.

My Buddhist's friend sent a mass email to all the firsties and second years about qurban ( or sacrifice) in Eid Al-Adha yesterday. They don't eat meat, because they believe that if they hurt the animals, they'll get the consequence in the next life, after reincarnation. It's pretty interesting, and makes me shocked and thinking. I've never faced something like this before. As a majority in Indonesia, there's no such a protest from other religions about what we do. So, this chained mass emails continue. My Moslem's friend also gave an opinion about this (using mass email, again), and it still happens.

Ya, pretty interesting. If I had a beard, i would only rub my beard, and nodding my head.

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