17 Desember 2010

Crane, Texas (Winter Break+Birthday)

I'm so grateful being here (actually I'm grateful being in US, going to new place, and experiencing new things). And in this winter break, I'm so lucky to spend my holiday and birthday here, in Crane, Texas. Where's Crane?

Crane is located in Texas, approximately 1 hour driving from Midland-Odessa Airport (where I arrived last week from Albuquerque, it's close to ex-US-President's house: Mr. Bush, and it's only 1 hour flight!). A small, warm, and cool city, where the people know each other from north to south, from east to west.

I'm going with Leslie from Congo, and Hayu from Ethiopia. In the first few days we were just chilling in Juan's house, enjoying enough sleep, better food (maybe when I come back to campus I can't eat foods from Sodexho anymore), and really BETTER internet. Why? Because in the last days of first semester, IT guys in my school decided to block social networking sites such as Facebook. And yes, of course, all the students in campus protested and sent mass emails in intern email network.

Oh come on, nowadays, how can you live without social networking sites?

But, it's not a big deal for me, since i still can access it via lite.facebook.com, haha. And I still can access twitter, too; since there's no significant twitter user in my campus. So, yes, it doesn't affect my virtual-life so much.

And now: I'm in Crane, Texas. Happy, although I still have to work on my self-taught essay otherwise I have to make it next semester (which is the time when everything is getting busier, and you can't even find a time for yourself!). And we didn't go to many places since we came here, to Crane.

But, I was really happy when they made a surprise party (I didn't know if it was surprise, because when I wanted to throw rubbish and I came to the kitchen, Juan's mom and Juan were putting candles on the cheese cake, and I smiled. Juan said: Pretend that you didn't know anything, haha). I missed home, sure. I really missed home, suddenly, when I had the party. I almost cried (dasar cewek galau!), but when I remembered how lucky I am, then my feeling turned better, and more thankful. In the deep of my heart, I said, "Alhamdulillah, I can reach many big dreams when I was 17."

After my stomach was full with pizzas and sodas, we watched Paranormal Activity 2 together. To be honest, I prefer Thailand's Horror Movie than PA. I was so sleepy. But after the movie was over, suddenly Juan invited us to go to a haunted-house in Crane.

YES! They (Juan and his partner in crime: his brother) successfully made me feel scary and tremble. But not as scary as what Leslie and other Juan's friends felt haha. Giant crematorium, a story of an empty house, made my birthday became perfect. Perfecto y delicioso!

We also went to basketball's game, where Crane beat Reagan. That was so cool, and it was so... em, American. With all cheerleaders, the spectators who shouted to referee, and American teenagers, it was perfect. As I usually watched on movie.

And today, we went to Crane's library, in the center of the town, just beside the school. I really like the reading room, which is so 'Texas'. I was screaming when I found something, not only My Name Is Khan (one of my favorite movies ever, and I made Hayu to believe me and checkout this DVD), but also Despicable Me and Wimpy Kid! I'm obsessed with this kid's diary, and I plan to buy the last-purple-book of him, as soon as I arrive in campus.

I also attended a christmas concert in Crane High School, and it was so cool. I was amazed by castle concert and winter concert in my school, but it was not as grand as this christmas concert. Oh, ok, the atmosphere in my school's concerts were better, though. But Hayu was sleeping during the concert, and I just surprised: "How can?" because it was really awesome.

Yes, I still have 11 days here, in Crane, Texas. And I'm waiting for more things happened. Even though I really miss both of my homes: Indonesia and UWC.

I really miss this place, UWC, a white paradise, with snow-full-on-the-ground!

Knitting a scarf is one of many things that I do during Winter Break.

Crane County Library-register number of DVDs that I checked out

Diary of A Wimpy Kid! I found it here!

And also, Despicable Me!

All stuffs that I have to do: watching movie, and doing my self-taught essay.

Reading Room in Crane Library, how comfortable!

Still Reading Room. Looks like a cowboy room, and so Texas.

Reading Room, with a REALLY good desktop computer (compared to Indonesia,
library's computer=the worst computer in whole building)

Yes, I'm 18. And the cheese cake was so delicious!



Soundtrack: PEACH-Otsuka Ai (Instrumental Version)
Thank you so much Leslie, for your photos. Je t'aime :D

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  1. o my god, pengen ulang taun di situuuuuu ~~~~~

  2. i swear, you don't want to. ulang tahun sama keluarga jauh lebih rame :)

  3. i have to confess titan that this article is wonderfully written. from ur worse nightmare