19 Januari 2011

Martin Luther King Day!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing well these days. Now, I'm laying on my bed, being excused from all classes and CASes. A good rest, eh? Not really. I can't attend 3 classes, all of them are my favorite classes: Math, Chem, and English; and I can't attend my favorite CAS, too: swimming. Oh, God. I still remember what the nurse said, "OK, you look worse than yesterday. So, I'll give you an excuse for all classes and CASes today. Just take a rest, stay dehydrated, and take the medicine. If you don't feel well tomorrow, then you have to come back here."

So, yes, i'm just sneezing all the time, and I'm being excused. But, I can understand my nurse's decision, since there are LOTS of people who are sick now (even the faculties!), so, if you force yourself to go to the class, you'll just spread the virus.

Yesterday, was Martin Luther King Day. Who's Martin Luther King Jr.? Click here. So, as usual, in UWC, we had day of service. I signed up for Cemetery in Las Vegas, but I got Tennis Courts. So, I spent whole day (strikethrough, only 2 hours, actually, haha) cleaning the Tennis Courts in the back of Castle. I got the same service as Kyoko, Ethan, Naoki, and so on. That was fun: rugging the grass, digging the drain that was blocked by pine cone, playing with shovel, etc. In fact, I also had my Physics teacher in my team, and he talked about inertia. Oh my God!

The day before service day, we had a MLK day dinner! Wearing our own national costume, and enjoying the atmosphere of MLK's spirit, were an amazing experience. It felt like second welcome ceremony, actually, haha. But, the formula is: wearing national costume=taking lots of photos!

And the most amazing experience is, hearing a speech from Paul Graves, a pastor from New Jersey, that is invited by UWC-USA. For me that haven't heard Mario Teguh's voice for 5 months, his speech became Mario Teguh's alternative who talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and the concept of service.

Overall, it was awesome. It was so UWC experience. And enjoy the photos! (Big thanks to Phia Sennet and Simona Boyadjiiska for the photos. I love you, girls.)

World citizens.

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