13 Juni 2011


So, I'm back! Haha. Although my mind is in the destructive state right now (the ability to think is decreasing exponentially!), I will try to do what I'm supposed to do. That pile of homework always makes me sigh every time I see it. Big sign in my room's door shouting to start my EE, doesn't work. I spent the first two weeks of summer holiday laying down and watching Korean drama with my brother. Life is truly good. I will worry about EE later.

What's up, Indonesia? This country is quite different after I left it for 9 months. As usual, the people are always influenced by the pop culture, mainstream. So many things are going on and changing in a very short period. There are 2 remarkable things about Indonesia that I noticed when I reached this country after a long absence.

Satu: "Keripik Pedas" or spicy chips

Who doesn't know this snack? This is made from cassava, very spicy (you still can see the chili's seeds there), oily, and... once you started, you can't stop. I still remember clearly, the first time I tried this chips, it was very spicy until I needed to stand under the faucet and let the water went through my tongue for 30 minutes. It's really cheap: only 50 cents for a big bag of chips. It was also on my list of 10 things that I must eat when I arrive in Indonesia.

This snack has been a part of my life. I'm not exaggerating. My sister was selling this in her campus to get extra money to buy those fancy clothes. My friends were selling this as well, to do fundraising for the traditional music concert in my school. And the new trend is: selling this spicy chips by Twitter. Ask "Maicih".

I wish I could bring it to US, and introduced it to my friends, as a part of Indonesian culture. And there are some other foods that are as good as this chips.

Dua: Trending Topic on Twitter

Have you realized how big Indonesian influence on Twitter is? It's, literally, so huge. Have you realized how many times Indonesian trending topic is up, as big as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and those people.

The last biggest Trending Topic was about the failure of a TV station to write the correct word on a live program. The news itself was about Indonesian president instructed to the police to pick a corrupter up to Indonesia (he ran away to Singapore, sigh). But, instead of writing "penjemputan", which means picking up, they wrote "penjembutan", which means, sorry, pubic hair.

The trending topic was, "Astagfirulloh SBY", which means "Oh My God (in Arabic), SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia). I saw it when I was still in USA, and I laughed so hard until my stomach hurt.

The same case with the failure to write "Obama has died" instead of "Osama has died".

It makes a joke: If you want to know what's happening, just log in to your Twitter account.

Well, I'll continue it later. I really need to start working. Have a great summer everyone. Enjoy it when you still can enjoy it.

PS: There's a blogpost about me, which was written by my second year, Vu Thanh Chau from Vietnam. I can say, it is a summary of what happened during the last days of my first year at UWC-USA (especially what happened in Los Angeles International Airport-LAX).

05 Juni 2011

A Very Quick Update

So, here I am. I arrived in Indonesia safely, even though I was so tired both emotionally and physically. 2 days marathon of crying were... my first experience. I feel so bad as well, I haven't posted anything in the last some months: blame IB and UWC, haha. The only thing that came to my mind was: this-semester's-grade-is-important-to-go-to-college. But in the last few days of my first year at UWC, I finally realized: being in UWC doesn't mean that I need to be enslaved by those academic stuffs. UWC is UWC, and I need to enjoy it, otherwise I will ask myself, "Why should I come to UWC?"

I'm officially missing UWC right now. All parts of it. Even the cafeteria foods (well, not really). I want to go there, and do the normal things with my friends as usual. Watching something random on Youtube, watching Korean drama, bathroom's conversation, roomie moments, class moments, random things, library conversation, math class, and so on.

The moment when I transited in Hong Kong had changed my way of thinking. I slept the whole time during my 14 hours flight from LA to Hong Kong (I missed my supper! Gah!). My shoulder was hurt so much, due to extra 8 pounds weight I moved from my checked baggage. Waiting to pass the security checkpoint made everything worse. The line was so long, and I was so tired. When I came to my terminal, I was so surprised by how big the terminal was... and how clear and blue the dawn sky was. There was only me in that terminal, and I walked to the gate and sat in front of it. I looked at the sky, and I could finally feel free. I was ready to move on, and intended to do everything that I can do during summer.

I guess that I have to be grateful that I'm home. So many people can't go home, and they need to spend their whole summer in US. I will enjoy this summer, and get ready for the third semester (which is gonna be awesome!).

I am ready to move on.