10 Juli 2011

Summer 2011 (1)

First, I actually want to confirm something. I have been trying to write in English for my blog -an effort to keep my English up. 3 months in Indonesia will decrease my speaking ability for sure, but with writing, at least I can maintain it. Reversely, I'll blog in Indonesian once I get in USA again. I know, it seems that I'm inconsistent :P

Last time, when I had a (big) Skype session with my friends in UWC because of the IB result. For most of the firsties who did their self-taught exam on May, they really wanted to pass it this year, so they can only have 5 IBs next year. For the secondies, this result also determined whether they got their diploma. So, we were chatting, and in the end, talking. It was so awkward to speak in English.

So, that was the intro. This is my summer, part one. Next two weeks will be the busiest week of my summer. I'll meet my firsties, have a studio photo session with my friends, take my middle school's report that has been translated into English, see the extra-curricular demonstration in my middle school, have an ice cream party with my friends, go to Indonesian Youth Conference, have a summer project with the fellow grantees from Indonesia NC, visit my grandmother in Yogyakarta, and travel around Yogyakarta with my high school friends. Busy, eh? I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I have locked myself inside my room for some days, working on my EE. Although I still need to add conclusion, abstract, table of contents, and bibliography, but so far, 3600 words in 4 days is just epic. I'm very proud of myself.

Seriously, Titan?

One year in USA has left the good lesson to choose what to bring and what not to bring when I come back there. Yes, shopping is the answer. I has bought many clothes, and will buy some more. I really enjoy shopping now, compared to last year. The town that is close to my school, doesn't really have a good store to buy clothes.

T-Shirts from distrokdri.com

I also met my friends, my middle school and high school friends. Seeing them get into the top universities in Indonesia sometimes makes me jealous.

I want to be a college student this year...

My high school, it was built during Dutch colonization era. I like the building
so much, although it's always flooded when rain comes.

Well, I know that I have different path than my friends'. I realize that, and it gives me more strength to face next year when IB is getting hard, and college apps are coming.

I also went to Saudi Arabia with my family, and Alhamdulillah (Praise to God) we've done umrah.

I hope I can go to this place again soon.

Besides that, I also opened my photo album. I don't have any baby photo of me, the youngest one is when I was in kindergarten, having a tour to the Traffic Park (Taman Lalu Lintas).

I know, I was so cute, right? :P

I will try to keep updating my blog (especially when I'm in Yogyakarta -one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia). Enjoy your holiday, people. Don't study too much.

Much Javanese-Sundanese love,
Titan Hartono

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