17 Agustus 2011

Summer 2011 (2)

This last month in Indonesia has been very memorable for me. There’s only one week left before going back to the States, but honestly, I don’t feel ready to leave home yet. Last few days, I’ve been dreaming many crazy things when I’m sleeping, which probably indicates too much stress, as my mother said.

Getting nervous of this thing is probably faced by all my co-years.

Mine is half-way, I haven’t done the conclusion and any revision. At least, it seems to be okay for me.
And… I HAVE MANY THINGS TO TELL YOU, SERIOUSLY! So, be prepared to see a very long post. If you want a song to accompany you, I suggest The Best Day Ever from SpongeBob SquarePants Original Soundtrack. Enjoy!


So, I went to Indonesian Youth Conference 2011, a seminar which is attended by Indonesian teens from Sabang (the most west town in Indonesia) to Merauke (the most east town in Indonesia). I came to this conference as well last year, but this year was so much better –and bigger.

Putra Nababan and Najwa Shihab

Budi Soehardi
"Masa Depan Dimulai Dari Sekarang" which means "Future is started from now"

Najwa Shihab and Putra Nababan moved my heart with their concise explanation about media (especially television and internet). They also gave opinions about the “instant news” on the internet, and the politics party which owns a private television station. One of the things that I remember until now is, “Don’t believe what media said, because a neutral media is hardly found nowadays. Don’t trust what you read on internet, because it only gives you one-sided perspective. Try to read newspaper more for giving you a better image of what is happening.” Moreover, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I could only see their faces on TV, but I finally saw them directly, haha.

A famous director, Joko Anwar, also came in creativity session. He was so funny and gave us different point of view of creativity as a media to “complain” something. The most epic part was when another speaker, Mirwan Andan , who came from an art community in Jakarta, played a short movie called, “Azab Pria dan Selingkuhannya di Kota Kembang (Punishment for a Man Who Cheated with Another Woman in Blossom City –which is my hometown, Bandung) , ” that actually a hidden protest of unrealistic religion dramas in Indonesia few years ago.

Unfortunately, I only could attend 4 sessions due to the distance between my hometown and Jakarta. The conference itself ended at 10 PM –with an awesome concert from Alexa and Saratus Persen, but I needed to leave the venue at 7 PM for getting a public transportation to go back to Bandung. I was a little bit upset, but there was nothing I could do.

Luckily, the last session cured my feeling. That was the best session, about a responsibility as a human being to the society. Ignorance virus has been spread out in our world, but there’re still some people left to help those are on the cliff. Budi Soehardi, an Indonesian who works as a Singapore Airlines pilot, has built an orphanage in the Indonesia’s separated region, Timor Leste, which has very high rate of children’s malnutrition in the world. He was also the best 10 of CNN Top Heroes 2009. Thinking about it, when there’re so many people who claim themselves as real Indonesians by respecting the flags and other country’s symbols, they don’t really do anything. Their nationalism stopped on their lips, it did go to neither their brains nor their hearts.

Attending this event really pumped my spirit up to give my best for this country. After all, this is the place where I call it, “real home.” I might have another “home,” but the real home is where your heart is. And my heart is here.


I went to visit my grandmother in another province, approximately 400km from my hometown. My friend and I went by a night-train, so that we could sleep during 9 hours trip. My grandmother’s house is pretty close to the beach, but I didn’t have any chance to go there. Instead of going to the beach, we visited some remarkable place in this city: from a UNESCO-recognized temple, to a castle of Java king in the ancient time.
Railway Station

The Sky in the Morning
My Grandmother's House

Yogyakarta's Junction

Prambanan Temple
I was so happy and sad at the same time. In my country, there’s a tradition that in the celebration day for Muslim, which is called Eid ul-Fitr, we always go to our origin’s village and visit my grandfather, for me. Usually, at this time, our big family can gather –yeah, only once a year. And for this year, this day comes in 10 days after I leave Indonesia, which makes me sad. Last year, although I went to the Islamic Center in Albuquerque and ate some nice Middle Eastern foods with my fellow Muslim friends, I still could feel that there was a hole in my heart –something was missing. For this year, I suppose that I will be in Ghost Ranch when I celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, and it’s the first place that I don’t want to be homesick. So, let’s see, what’s going to happen there.


I got my high school yearbook, finally, after terrorizing the committee because they gave it later than what they had promised. I really satisfied with it.


The Cover: Tiga 2011

Honestly, it was better from UWC Yearbook, with a cheaper price –it’s Indonesia, man! But, there was a different feeling when I looked at both of them. In my high school, with more than 400 students enter the school each year and a static class, I only know less than 100 people. So, I don’t really know the three fourth of the rest in that yearbook. In UWC Yearbook, I, at least, know all the 200 people’s name there and have more intense interaction with them. One year in UWC for me is more memorable than my 2 years in SMAN 3 Bandung. But, I miss the lucky 100 people who graduated this year and spread all over Indonesia, Singapore, United States, and Germany. I wish I will have a chance to meet all of them in the future, when we can claim ourselves as successful people. I hope so.


Rendezvous. I was an activist in junior high school’s scouting, and it made me go there to meet the members who are 6 years younger than me. I really felt old when I saw them. It means, it has been 6 years since I joined this organization for the first time.
The Sky

The Flag

The Hallway
I miss everything about this organization. I miss the people in my year; we were the pioneer of this organization in my school. Now, it’s just very hard to gather all of them in one place at one time. I was a little bit disappointed when they didn’t come to meet me after I arrived in Indonesia. Well, Titan, you have misunderstood: you’re still no one. But, at least, I expected them to come to see me, because the fastest time when we can meet again is next year. I think I had too much expectation.

In August 14th, Indonesian Scouting has reached 66 years old, an age that is not easy to be defended. I usually went to the city’s plaza and held the flag ceremony to celebrate it. It could take 2.5 hours from 8 o’clock, and I needed to stand straightly. You can imagine how painful and hot it is.

Reminiscing old time is what I’ve done more frequently than before after I came back from States. I’ve never been this grateful before, for having such a normal and nice life. Complaining was the only thing that I could do before coming to Uncle Sam, because all the rotten things happened in my country. But, as a human, stomach comes first compared to brain. The food in USA was too err, different, from my taste. That’s the reason why I came up with a final conclusion: Indonesia is better than USA.


I guess my holiday is over. I’ll come back to USA in two days. I envy those wilderness people who already arrived there. But, yeah, I’ll go home next year, in 9 months. I wish I could have more time to spend with the people I love. I know that it’s never enough.

It’s never enough.

Maybe I’ll say that in the end of May next year, when I graduate. Time is just never enough for something that you want.

It’s never enough.

It’s never…


I’ll say that on the airplane when I take off from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Bye Indonesia, see you next year.

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