02 Oktober 2011

SAT, Fall, and Love

I finally took SAT yesterday. I tried my best, and I had prepared it as much as I could, so I will not regret it. I am pretty optimistic about the result, actually. Yeah!

Fall's wind is up, and I really love this season because everything is turning yellow or red. It also gives me different energy to ace this semester. I wish this season could stay longer.

I know, it seems that I posted so many photos of my room. But, everything that I do is always here. Although I am in north side of my dorm (again) this year, which guarantees a cold room during winter, I really love this side. Despite the fact of having an awesome hallway, this side also faces the castle, and the other 2 upper dorms (Chum and MB). My room is also next to the bicycle parking place, so when someone goes to town, I can ask him/ her to buy me a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips. Talking about chips, I fall in love with Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeno. Viva Jalapeno! Seperti peribahasa Indonesia: tak ada rotan akar pun jadi, tak ada keripik riki, Lay's Jalapeno pun jadi, hehe.

And... I finally got the postcard, from my friend in Singapore, Fitri Fatimah. She is genius, I mean, genius. She got a scholarship in National University of Singapore, which is one of the best universities in the world.

I fall in love again with Depapepe, and these new Thai guys: Singular. Singular just made the lyric based on Depapepe song, Kitto Mata Itsuka, and the title is Some Other Day. Although I don't understand Thai, but it sounds really good and I love it so much!

きっとまたいつか - カバー

Singular feat きっとまたいつか - Some Other Day

Have a nice weekend, and get some rest, people.

Love, Titan