20 November 2011

Kekerdilanku Adalah Kebesaranku


Aku baru saja kembali dari AND (African National Day) Show; pertunjukkannya memang luar biasa. Hal yang paling kusyukuri adalah kesempatan untuk mengenal sisi lain teman-temanku yang tak pernah kulihat dalam hari-hari biasa.

Aku duduk di atas tempat tidurku, dengan piyama warisan dari ibuku yang berwarna biru dan bergambar boneka berbagai pose. Teman sekamarku pergi ke after-party-nya AND; awalnya dia tak akan datang, tetapi karena gennya memang gen pesta, apa boleh buat dia pergi juga.

Boleh jujur?

Aku merasa kerdil. Malu rasanya setiap kali melihat jurnal daring berkatakunci milikku. Aku menulisnya hampir tiap hari. Mencari tempat untuk menuangkan segala sesuatu yang tercecer dari otakku. Tetapi belakangan ini kulihat hanya keluhan yang ada di sini.

Nilai kecil. Tugas yang tak pernah berakhir. Masalah dengan teman. Proses masuk universitas yang sulit.

Mengapa aku tak bisa membesarkan hatiku sedikit saja untuk menjadikannya semakin besar? Mengapa aku susah sadar bahwa hidup ini tak hanya kimia, fisika, matematika, ekonomi, dan Bahasa Inggris saja? Mengapa aku tak sadar-sadar jika hidup ini tak hanya soal skala 7 dari 7 di kurikulum IB? Tak hanya soal SAT, tak pula soal TOEFL. Juga bukan hanya soal universitas-universitas top tersebut.

Karena aku yang bermimpi, aku yang jauh lebih mengerti keadaanku sendiri.

Aku hampir menangis ketika menonton pertunjukkan AND hari ini. Mengapa aku baru terdorong kali ini bahwa UWC terlalu besar untuk dihargai dengan akademik, IB, dan SAT? Tak banyak yang punya kesempatan seperti aku.

Aku bertekad untuk berbagi melalui blog ini, tetapi jika aku tak punya hal yang dibagi selain hal-hal akademik, buat apa? UWC terlalu spesial untuk itu.

Benar sekali,
"Banyak hal yang terlalu spesial untuk dihargai dengan hal-hal kulit saja."
Setidaknya aku sempat sadar ketika aku masih di tempat ini, bukan ketika aku sudah meninggalkannya; aku yakin hanya penyesalan mendalam yang tersimpan saat itu.

Aku mencintai tempat ini sebagai sekolah yang luar biasa.

Kekerdilanku dalam hal menikmati segala sesuatu yang ada dan tersedia, kali ini merupakan kebesaranku.
"Hari ini Sayang, aku akan pulang, berlabuh di dekap cintamu. Karena pelukmu akan selalu membuat diriku jatuh cinta." Andien-Pulang
Terima kasih, UWC.

17 November 2011

Winter Expedition!

I was curious. That was all. When I signed up for this expedition and came to the meeting at 7:00 AM in that legendary room: Room 415, I was not aware how cold it was going to be.

Tom Lamberth, the one who is responsible for any wilderness activities, as well as my faculty sponsor during Mexico Project Week last school year, said, "Yes, the weather forecast said, that it will be around 0 degree Celcius here in Montezuma. So, you just need to subtract it by 2 or 3 degree."

Yes, I was arrogant and said, "You know what, I survived running from Hot Springs to my dorm on March, and the temperature was around -30 degree Celcius."

Yet, the expedition was harder than what I expected. The wind was crazy, and the weather forecast put, "Severe Weather" notice the night before I departed.

Javier, my friend from Guatemala, told me several times, "You should go to Hermit's Peak! It's really easy to hike."

Unfortunately, when I saw that peak, 3128 m above the sea level, I lost my motivation suddenly. It is high. No, it's not connotation; it's denotation.

However, the fact that I was in team 2 with Simona (Bulgaria), Pedro (Venezuela), Frida (Denmark), Joanna (China), and Minori (Japan), helped me. I am close to Simona and Pedro, and they understood me really well that I could survive and make it with extra support.

Yes, with extra support, haha.

Yes, and as you probably know, I made it. The greatest moment was when we did not know that we reached the peak, just because the walkie-talkie did not work and we could not contact Tom Lamberth at that time. So, with a hungry stomach, I just grabbed a bag of tortilla, took 2 tortillas at the same time, and poured Nutella onto it.

Yes. Nutella. For the first time. After I came to US. I will buy it this weekend. Yes.

I do not regret it.In fact, that was the best expedition I've ever come so far (Oh, yes, Titan, you only have gone to two expeditions so far, haha). So, I guess, picture's time? 

So, happy weekend, everyone! And I'm so excited for having AND (African National Day) 
this weekend! Almost Thanksgiving!

Love, Titan

06 November 2011

What A Coincidence: I Just Had SAT (Again!)

I'm really sorry for not updating of my experience here. I really feel guilty- but, anyway, I'm going to tell you some stuffs that I've been doing these days. Yes, I just did SAT today. What a-.


Hello Montezuma, can you stop having special weather statement, please?

"Weather in Montezuma was always random and unpredictable," that was the lesson that I got last year. I tried to apply it this year, but it is too random to be called random. Several storms, windy days, snowy days- I cannot even count how many extreme weather that we have had so far. As one who comes from a tropical-stable climate country, I do not only concern, but I REALLY concern about this. It has gone beyond my tolerance point, where I always question, "How many degree Celcius is outside right now?"

But, it's beautiful. I admit that. Wind makes the leaves falling; while snow makes everything looks pure and clear. "What is beauty?" raised in my TOK class a few weeks ago. Beauty, for me, means, a peaceful feeling after looking at something. As simple as that. 

So, Montezuma, at least you give me surprise every day. Something that I can wait for, something that I can think before going to bed, "How is the weather going to be tomorrow?"

European National Day was such a good reliever in a good time. The food was great, the show was even the best one so far (although they made fun of themselves too much, sorry). In a short word, it was great. The best foods were banitsa (I have gotten addicted to this Bulgarian food since last year!) and the desserts. I really love the strawberry mousse!

As usual, people tried to drag me to the party. For thousands times, I tried to explain my uncomfortable feeling in a dark place with super-loud music, and sweaty people everywhere. Yeah, of course, there were still some people who could not understand it, which made me kind of upset. Well, don't take it seriously, maybe I was just in high pressure and swing mood.

That's the thing: in this kind of place, where people live in a very crowded dormitory, sometimes I just need to find my  "own space". I sometimes always want to be alone, just by myself, and reflecting (or writing blog!) what I have done so far. This is the only thing that can keep me sane, otherwise I will just be sunk in the social life and lost track of myself (or even my aims).

That's why I suggest you (yes, YOU!) to take time for yourself every day, before sleeping, for instance. Write, keep track of what you're doing, and just enjoy it. Yes, as I said, it will keep you sane.


The Kitchen Musical, a Southeast Asian drama! Picture taken from here.

Before I explain it to you further, watch this video below first! Enjoy!

First, yes, they have Christian Bautista there, who is my favorite Filipino singer. Second, yes, I really like the concept of this drama which combines foods, musics, and love. Who doesn't like this combination?

This drama is a hit, at least this is what I know in Indonesia and some Southeast Asian countries. This makes me want to say, "Let's beat those irrational Korean dramas!" Haha, yes, I'm chuckling right now.

The main protagonists. Maddie and Daniel. Picture was taken from here.


Yes, the holiday season that I've been waiting for is coming!
Give me winter break! Give me thanksgiving break!

Yes, I really cannot wait for Mexican foods. Uh, did I tell you that I'm going to Mexico for winter break? Yes, I'm going there. Only in one month. 

Eid mubarak (I'm having UNM Math Contest during Eid ul-Adha), and don't eat too much beef/ lamb otherwise you'll gain more weight, or the worse one, your cholesterol will increase! :)

Much love, Titan.

Quick update: I finished (OK, let's put it in better way: I SUBMITTED) my EE, aye! I retook my SAT Reasoning Test today. I will have MAAD (Middle Eastern, Australian, Asian Day) soon (the meeting is next week!), and I cannot wait for AND (African National Day) which will be in two weeks. I will go to winter expedition in Hermits Peak next week, wish me luck. Two tests on Friday next week, which means I need to study. I cannot just rely on my active participation in class to seal a 7. Have fun, people!