17 November 2011

Winter Expedition!

I was curious. That was all. When I signed up for this expedition and came to the meeting at 7:00 AM in that legendary room: Room 415, I was not aware how cold it was going to be.

Tom Lamberth, the one who is responsible for any wilderness activities, as well as my faculty sponsor during Mexico Project Week last school year, said, "Yes, the weather forecast said, that it will be around 0 degree Celcius here in Montezuma. So, you just need to subtract it by 2 or 3 degree."

Yes, I was arrogant and said, "You know what, I survived running from Hot Springs to my dorm on March, and the temperature was around -30 degree Celcius."

Yet, the expedition was harder than what I expected. The wind was crazy, and the weather forecast put, "Severe Weather" notice the night before I departed.

Javier, my friend from Guatemala, told me several times, "You should go to Hermit's Peak! It's really easy to hike."

Unfortunately, when I saw that peak, 3128 m above the sea level, I lost my motivation suddenly. It is high. No, it's not connotation; it's denotation.

However, the fact that I was in team 2 with Simona (Bulgaria), Pedro (Venezuela), Frida (Denmark), Joanna (China), and Minori (Japan), helped me. I am close to Simona and Pedro, and they understood me really well that I could survive and make it with extra support.

Yes, with extra support, haha.

Yes, and as you probably know, I made it. The greatest moment was when we did not know that we reached the peak, just because the walkie-talkie did not work and we could not contact Tom Lamberth at that time. So, with a hungry stomach, I just grabbed a bag of tortilla, took 2 tortillas at the same time, and poured Nutella onto it.

Yes. Nutella. For the first time. After I came to US. I will buy it this weekend. Yes.

I do not regret it.In fact, that was the best expedition I've ever come so far (Oh, yes, Titan, you only have gone to two expeditions so far, haha). So, I guess, picture's time? 

So, happy weekend, everyone! And I'm so excited for having AND (African National Day) 
this weekend! Almost Thanksgiving!

Love, Titan

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