28 Desember 2011

¡Estoy conquistando México! (2)

Oh, hello, Guadalajara!

Having two Mexican friends who live in different states is a great advantage. After exploring Zacatecas with Andrea, I spent my Christmas in Zacoalco de Torres and Guadalajara, great cities in Jallisco state. I don't really know where to start, but... let's see.

My journey so far: from Montezuma to Albuquerque, then Zacatecas, Guadalajara, Zacoalco, Sayula, and Colima.

I had my second Christmas this year. It's not like in United States, and it was so Mexican. I made and broke piñata. It was so sad to break something that was made carefully. So, the pictures will tell you more about my second Christmas in Zacoalco!

Nicol, Adilson, and I also visited Adilson's relatives in other cities like Sayula and Colima. The most interesting thing about these little towns is the church. I have been in many small towns in Mexico, and they always have impressive church architecture.


Colima church

Colima plaza

Rice in front of the church. It was from marriage ritual: rice was sprinkled to bless the newlywed.

 Zacoalco plaza.

We also went to Guadalajara, the third biggest city in México. For me, the city was big enough to be compared with Jakarta, Indonesia (but it has fresher air and vacant streets).

Huge church. Wait until you see the main church.

The main church!

The view of main church from the government office.

Mexican are very creative. I found an interesting painter. He could paint in only 10 minutes, enjoy the video and pictures!

Not interesting? Watch the video.

Still not interesting?

Yes. Using acrylic paint and lighter, he created fire to dry his painting quickly.

Some of the results.

We also went to a wax museum there, and it was great to see the public figures and took some pictures with them.

First part.


I just got some pictures from Nicol, when we were conquering Zacatecas. Because of someone's request, I also got some food pictures!

Christmas show in the Centro.

Found my countrymate... a microwavable container.

I will give you some tips for travelling to Mexico, especially for Indonesian. I really recommend you to go to this place, because you can not only learn about the Mexican culture in general, but also try many types of delicious Mexican food: real tortilla -not the one like in States, gorditas, tostadas, guacamole, tacos, and many more.

1. Bring a good amount of peso (Mexico currency), because you really cannot expect what you can find there. For instance, I was planning to spend only 30 dollars of money here, but I saw so many great things -from clothes to bags, so I ended up going to money changer many times to exchange my dollar to peso. I also cannot withdraw any dollar here (of course, their ATM's have pesos, not dollar), so I'm depended on my friend who is really kind to lend me some money.

2. Try every food that you find. Most of them are so tasty and original. As Indonesian, I found so many 'strange' foods, like guacamole (the avocado sauce) that is eaten with tortilla and sometimes with rice. For tacos, they have up to ten different sauces and chili; one of them is similar to cabe rawit/cengek that Sundanese always eat with fried tofu.

3. They have good quality of shoes, with so much cheaper price compared to US (not Indonesia, sorry). The shoes sellers are called Zapaterias. I found so many great pairs of boots, flat shoes, heels, tennis shoes, and others.

4. Buy some candies in Dulcerias. Seriously, Mexican candies are so good. Try the ones with milk, fruits, and other fillings. Be careful, some of them have alcohol. Don't be shy to ask to the seller what the contains of the candies if you are not sure.

5. They are really creative. I mean, really. As I have shown you before (10 Minutes Painter in Guadalajara), so many Mexican merchandise sellers sell their stuffs and show how they make it. What I have seen so far are the fast painter and the fast glass artist (he can make a bird from glass in less than 15 minutes!).

6. What I have bought for merchandise are: the dream catcher (the one that you see in Twilight movie to prevent from nightmare), a backpack with Mexican fabric, and some postcards.

7. Enjoy the church architecture. Every time you see a church, don't hesitate to go there and see the hugeness and the windows.

8. Mexican manner is somehow like Indonesian. Don't forget to say thank you (gracias) and please (por favor) appropriately. The common greeting in Mexico is hugging with touching each other's cheeks and making a sound like kissing. If you are uncomfortable with it, you can just shake hand.

9. If you are offered with some foods by the host, it will be rude if you do not try it at all. It's better to try to eat it, although for only a little bit. 

10. Tortilla is their staple food. Just like rice for Indonesian. The food will taste more Mexican if you eat it with tortilla. Just saying. They also add chili, cheese, and lemon almost to every single dish.

11. Try to drink horchata (water from rice extract) and jamaica (water from dried flowers -I forget which flowers, prepared in the same way like tea). I don't really like horchata, my Indonesian tongue always refuse to eat/drink something related to rice that is sweet. You can also find a dessert called rice pudding which consists of rice, condensed milk, and cinnamon. Yes, although I have tried this dessert several times, I still don't like it. However, I really like jamaica

12. Try bengkoang or jicama in Spanish with lemon and chili. Best thing ever.

I am going to add more if something comes to my mind. Only one week left before I go back to the Land of Enchantment. I really do not want to leave this place, but I want to spend my fourth semester with my best friends and cherish my last semester in UWC.

I really hope that you enjoy this post. It was painful to upload all the pictures and videos, haha. 

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