08 Februari 2012

Middle Eastern, Asian, and Australian Day 2012 (2)

MAAD Assembly Video, thanks to Inga Lam (Hong Kong '12) for the awesome video!

So, the MAAD week is finally here! Everyone gets pumped up, and of course, we rehearse crazily. I mean, crazily. Sometimes, I think that the Asian stereotypes are true: you put 120% effort for everything that is important for you, you rehearse in "crazy" place and time (come on, who rehearse at 8 a.m. on Sunday, or after midnight for cultural show?)

We also had awesome walk-in yesterday, during dinner, in the dining hall. A sequence of dances that presented all of our regions were performed, from Henna Night, Candle Dance, Haka, Chant, Bollywood, to K-Pop. Tonight, there is a hot sauce competition (if in Asia you usually compete to finish a certain amount of food in a tight time, but this one: you need to finish the chili/hot sauce/ whatever it is).

In addition, there will be eight second years who will come this weekend! I really miss them (especially you, Vu Thanh Chau!). Their presences also make me push myself even harder to give my best for the show.

Get ready, people. MAAD is coming to United World College-USA!

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