25 Februari 2012

Middle Eastern, Asian, and Australian Day 2012 (3)++

Sorry for the late post. I was waiting if the UWC-USA website would upload the video of the whole MAAD Show, but apparently not (sad face).

Thanks to everyone for making it happened, one of my best experiences at UWC, especially people who took these amazing pictures: Hannah Freedman (USA '12), Nico Grubert (Germany '12), Jeanice Vacarizas (Bahrain/ The Philippines '12), Brian Chan (Hong Kong '13), and my roommate, Urszula Snigurska (Poland '13).

Bagian Pertama: Makan Malam (Dinner)

A great dinner atmosphere was developed really well. In the lobby, the guests were welcomed by Turkish tea, and the dining hall itself was decorated in East Asian way -mostly red nuance. Of course, we force those Americans, Latin Americans, Europeans, and Africans to use chopstick!

Decorated dining hall!

The preparation of the food was started since Thursday, two days before MAAD Dinner and Show. I stayed in the kitchen on Friday after class, and the whole Saturday. The food was really good though, I really like Inari Sushi (one of the main dish for vegetarian). Moreover, we also had dim sum cart (with shrimp filling!), which I really liked. The mint lemonade, gave a perfect balance with all the foods served.

I was chopping A LOT OF onions. Chop-chop-chop, until I cried!  

For the dinner, I performed Tari Merak (Peacock Dance). Unfortunately, no one recorded or took any picture of me, so... (sad face) However, my friends (Sopheaktra- Cambodia '12, Rigsar- Bhutan '12, and Andrew- Hong Kong '12) also performed Korean dance during dinner, which made all the people startled like this...

Thanks to Max John Heng Pin (Singapore '12) for taking this video! 

Bagian Kedua: Pertunjukan (The Show)

After spending almost one month practicing and rehearsing every day, a thought popped out in my mind, “This is the time, Titan. Do it wholeheartedly and enjoy every time you have on stage.”

Honestly, MAAD Show was a big accomplishment for me, since I always believed, “Titan, you do not have any talent in art, theater, or music. Just study and get better in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.”

Last year, when I went to Agua Prieta, Mexico, half of this belief was disputable. However, after that, half of my mind questioned, “Was what happened in Agua Prieta a dream?”

Bringing that spirit, I worked hard to pursue two things in MAAD: getting Indonesian culture represented (which was done by Saman Dance with 17 other people, including my countrymate, a first year from Tangerang-Jakarta, Indonesia, Nadya Setyoyudo), and knowing my limit. I was in four dance skits, which was surprising even for me since I am not a good dancer.

Another half of my belief was disputable. I actually COULD do whatever I wanted to do, as long as I put my effort into it.

Try to find where I am! 

Now, you probably understand how hard it is to put on a cultural show, dinner, and activities. Although I was not anyone (I was not a leader in anything), I was proud of myself that I could reach and sense where my limit was.

It was amazing.

To sum up, if I could choose one out of many UWC Values (since I will graduate soon, in three months), I would choose "Personal Challenge" as one that fits me the best. I have tried to try everything. For my last three months here, I would like to see more, explore more, hear more, and speak more, so I can leave this place without any regret (which will be hard somehow).

Two videos which are my favorites, were shown during intermission between first and second act. I hope you enjoy these videos. Thanks to Inga Lam (Hong Kong '12) for the Korean drama parody video, and Fiachra MacFadden (Singapore/ Ireland '13) for the Study Hard Anthem. Good job, guys!

A Winter Tale's from the Heart - Inga Lam

Study Hard Anthem - Fiachra MacFadden

Bagian Ketiga: Di Belakang Layar (Behind the Scene)

The most amazing times actually happened behind the scene. I had a great time with my regionmate, got to know them better, and gave them a chance to get to know me better (which I think they did, wink).

I send my respect to Jomar Pecson (The Philippines '12) who worked so hard for the amazing backdrop in order to represent our rich cultures. I also tried to help, a little bit. Thanks to Nadya, my countrymate, that batik was represented on the backdrop!

I will miss these times for sure, but the only thing that I can do is treasuring it (deep) in my heart. Talking about treasuring memories, for the last few weeks, I have been working on what I called, "Saving Memories". I write interesting things happening in my life on a paper, fold it to make stars, and put it in a big jar.


As other cultural days, MAAD also had its own party. However, I did not really go to the party (I chose not to) because I was exhausted physically and emotionally. Thanks to Lucien (The Netherlands '12) for giving me the flower after the show. It accompanied me for the whole night! 

Everything was amazing. After MAAD, I cannot feel relaxed even for a little bit, since I need to study for IB Exam which will come in less than two months. Wish me luck, everyone. 

The last but not the least is a video that South-East Asians made in my sister school, Atlantic College, Wales, UK. Epic epicness. My co-year, Nadya Pramudita (Indonesia '12) is also there. Enjoy!

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