03 April 2012

"Campur Aduk"

"Spring", photo by Brian Hang-Kin Chan (Hong Kong '13)

As a normal person who always wants to achieve something, the past three weeks have been a roller coaster for me. In one day, I can go up and down several times, and believe me, you don't want to experience this feeling.

All college decisions are already out for me, and I have good choices, indeed (with good financial aid, yippee!). Physics ended my trials week on Saturday; it was not too bad (read: I was done 30 minutes before the time finished, not because I finished the paper, but because I was blank -I had no more idea to write on that paper).

Mike's e-mail yesterday had "Last Chem IA" as its subject. Judy cancelled our class this morning because she had to go somewhere, and what she said was, "We don't have enough time, please do your homework that I already put in the castle mailbox for Wednesday. Math Retreat will be on Sunday-Monday, April 29-30."

The fact that the end is near struck me suddenly. I am going to graduate in less than two months!

My friends and family back home are really joyful by the fact that I am going home soon. Every time I see their messages on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail, they always end it with, "I miss you, and I am so glad that you are going to be home. I promise you, we will eat, play, and smile."

Uh-oh, so now I understand how it feels to be a second year who is going to graduate soon. Nothing much left, I am almost done with my IB requirements; it only leaves one-month IB Exam in May, that's it (wait, I still have my last Chem IA!). CAS (extracurricular activities) will end in 4 weeks, and classes will finish in 4 weeks. Second years have voted for Bluemoon Cafe leaders, which will lead the final show to finish the year in the night before graduation. First years are paying full attention to second years' behavior for making fun of second years and taking revenge in Appreciation. Oh, and I forget to mention how Louis (United Kingdom '12) has started his own dinner table to take flag order. I have ordered 10 flags, and I will give about 15 flags to my close friends. My friends and I already took pictures for our yearbook page, in the river, in one sunny day, few weeks ago.

What else? It's spring. I have picnic and hike more often with my friends. Although the weather forecast says that it's going to snow tomorrow, we always find a chance to go somewhere.

If you asked what the most important thing that I have learned so far is, I would say it is personal challenge. I have never encountered so many random problems (from friendship to academic) before, and I can say confidently that I am more mature now.

I remember, in the beginning of the year, I thought that I would not have any friends, because I am just like that. Apparently, my bad assumption is proven to be wrong (hey, I need to spend 45 bucks to buy 15 flags for my friends!), so many people accept who I really am, a human who has both strength and weakness.

Instead of fulfilling my wilderness requirement by going to a spring expedition, I went to a winter expedition. I experienced the first time I could not feel my toes and palms anymore, and ate with frozen Nutella.

I spent so many hours in Room 415 to practice for my international culture show in Agua Prieta, Mexico. I only had dance skits in MAAD Show. I started to learn guitar, and finally can play my favorite piece, "Romance d' Amour". I used to believe that I am not good at dancing, or playing instrument.

Anne Farrell, my English teacher as well as my Extended Essay advisor, have been marking my English essay with her red pen, saying, "Wonderful! Perfect! I like how you write the introduction!" (excuse me if the fact is that I am still bad at blogging in English, haha) I thought that I could not write anything in English well, that is why I always insisted, "I can only write in Indonesian!"

Two of my friends are planning to visit Indonesia, as soon as they collect the money. They apparently have chosen not to stay in United States, but they will go home for studying. The fact that some people really think that you are really valuable and want to meet you in the future by crossing half of the world is amazing. I did not know that I could be loved like this.

My close friends, really close ones, can say if something is not going well in me. They always say, "Are you alright?" at the correct time. I am sorry, but maybe because we basically live with each other 24/7, they can understand me better than some friends back home.

The warmest hug that I have ever had comes from them, besides my family. Maybe because it's not my culture to hug my close friends back home.

Spring has come. At least, when I break down during graduation, I have learnt so much that I can't even regret a single thing being here. I hope.