02 Mei 2012

Quod Erat Demonstrandum? –Decision Made

"MIT Imagination" Full screen, por favor!

If you think that I have nothing to do these days just because I do not write a decent, interesting, blogpost, then you are totally wrong. One phrase that can describe what I am doing right now: “Finishing Up.”

As you can see from at least three blogposts before, I have been trying to conclude what I have done for the past two years in this amazing place, United World College-USA. This post is going to be one of them, although it will more about reflection of my past, present, and future, rather than my specific experience at this school.

Now, if you ask where I am going for college, I have decided.

Yes, this is so funny. I remember the first time I read a comic called Quod Erat Demonstrandum, as you can see in this post. Someone even commented last year, “It’s already 2011. Are you still dreaming?”

I think so. I am still dreaming. So Toma seems unreal.

Yes, my life consists of my 100-things-to-do list, a lot of dreams; whether it comes true or not, I do not care. Roller coaster: maybe I just like my life to be like that. Complaining much, and being over-happy more.

No, this is not the end of the proof that I would like to tell you. So many questions are still not answered yet. Am I going to survive the next four years, or at least, the next semester? Am I going to be able to graduate in four years? Am I going to be able to maintain what I have achieved now? Am I going to shine as how I am right now?

God knows. I do not know. He might change my future according to what I do. Quod Erat Demonstrandum? Not yet. 

Until then, let me introduce myself again. Noor Titan Hartono, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2016.


By the way, I found the video above in MIT Admissions Blog today. Smart people, I can say. Why? Today is the notification day deadline for students to decide which college they will be enrolled in almost all colleges in United States. Different than the system that Indonesia has, as I said in many posts before, you can apply to as many colleges as you want in United States (as long as you have the capability to pay the fees!). If you get admitted, that doesn't mean that you get enrolled automatically. That's why you need to notify if you are going to a particular college. Back to the video: if you are wondering about the tube that the girl receives in the beginning of the video, I can happily explain it to you. Every admitted (undergraduate?) students in MIT will get this tube that consists of MIT balloons (?), bracelet (?), and acceptance letter (of course!). The tube is pretty big, and you can do something with it –to either impress your classmates or show off what you can do before you actually meet your classmates in the fall. Definitely check this blog to see random things!

Me? I do not hack my own tube. My sister wants to see the whole tube when I go back to Indonesia, sorry (trying to find an excuse) :P

The acceptance letter.

Yeah. I am going home in like... 3 weeks. Last weekend was a really busy one for me. Classes ended on Thursday, and followed by Appreciations show to appreciate us, second years, on Friday. I was crying (blush) when I read the letters from my first years. I know that they will just be fine without us next year, although they don't know it yet. On Saturday, we had second year (formal) dinner to appreciate what second years have contributed and the departing faculty has done. My achievement was not really significant, but I was really proud to be called as one of twelve people with zero unexcused absence and part of Learn To Swim (aka Beginning Swimmer) CAS! On Sunday, there was a dance concert, "First Steps" which is the sign that IB Dance program that is just started in my school is going well. I was really surprised to see how many talented people that this school actually has. 

I also had Math Retreat since yesterday. This retreat is basically a camp where you can only eat and study mathematics for your IB Math HL. It is pretty fun, though, with all my friends there. At least, I can say it confidently now: I am ready to do my last obligation as a high school student: do my IB Exam. Kick-off just in two days for me! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I hope everything will turn out really well.

Being a  part of United World College has been amazing. I will always be part of this place, although I will spend my next four years in Cambridge, MA.

Let's see what I can do for Indonesia from there.

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  1. aku udah baca beberapa hari lalu. tapi baru sempet ngomen. mihihihi...

    entah kenapa setelah baca ini aku jadi urung beli buku terbarunya alanda yang dream catcher :p

  2. kalimat plg terakhir dibold, italic, underline.

  3. ka titan tuh selalumenginspirasi deh :)