05 September 2012

'We're in College'

"Oh, hello, busy college girl," that was how we used to make fun of Andrea (Mexico '12), who started her college experience firstly among us.

Sopheaktra (Cambodia '12) told me last weekend, "I'm gonna have my midterm next week."

Simona and Abuu, started classes today. Me? I'm going to start classes tomorrow.

Yesterday, when I went back to Kendall Square in the red-line subway, rushing to be at McCormick Dining Hall before 8:00 PM so that I could get my dinner (I missed my brunch to be with those guys earlier on that day), a long sequence of my memory at UWC came back again.

Simona, Abuu, Sopheaktra, and I met each other yesterday. We talked, as if we were still in UWC. We went around Boston, as if we would go back to Montezuma castle for dinner after. We teased each other, as if we had our study break session before continuing to discuss our Math IA. However, there was something that kept popping out of my mind, "We're in college, now. It's a different story."

Maybe the fact that I still haven't adapted with my new life at college contributes to my anxiety and my homesickness of UWC.

Going around Boston with them was really nice, though. From Chinatown to Prudential Center (trying to sneak in and enjoy amazing Boston view from 52nd floor of PC without paying). Giving Stefan (Bulgaria '11) some gossip updates of the past year at UWC. Listening to random gossips that I haven't heard before (I was like, "Did I stay in my room too much???"). Talking about IB-related stuff and teacher.

I know that we are in college, but I'm still hoping to meeting you guys as often as possible. I know that we will be busy with our own thing, but I'm still hoping to find your random conversation on our Facebook message or Skype group chat. I know that we are too far apart, that we cannot just jump to each other's room, but your picture all over my wall is just not enough to cure my yearning. I know that our meeting yesterday makes me miss all of you so much, but I just have no idea how to pass this point.

I wish you all the best, guys. We have chosen our own path. Just remember, whenever you feel like having our Indonesian milk tea session with a long conversation, or having a ridiculous Skype videocall session, I'll be happy to listen to your random talk.

It does apply to all my friends, wherever you are. Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico. Homesick #1: happening.

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