16 Maret 2014

Why Do You Go to College?

As what the card says, check whymit.tumblr.com.

I have been blogging about general stuff, instead of specific events I participate/ come. Not because I do not have time to go out and explore the world, but I have been thinking much lately (and studying, too, haha). I have taken major steps this semester, and hopefully they will be right decisions to do.
I stumbled upon this card on someone's social media profile several weeks ago. And as you can guess, instead of doing my problem sets, I looked at the Tumblr, and read all the cards.

Let's change the question, from, what keeps you here at MIT, to what keeps you here at (fill in your college)?

"I need my Bachelor's degree from (fill in your college). It is easier to get job in the future if I graduate from this place."

"The graduates from this college make more money than people from other colleges."

"It is prestigious."

Did you choose your college because it's number one in the country? Because its rank is high? Or, is it because your dad wants you to study Engineering?

I honestly used to have one of those motives. I like Engineering, and I want to challenge myself in what's-so-called the hardest college to thrive in. I thought, if I could graduate from this place, then, my life after it would be easier. 

I forgot to remember one thing, though. My intention was not strong enough to keep me going here. I would not deny that I have hard times, especially when one thought hit me hard: "Did this place make a wrong choice by accepting me?" 

The good thing was, everyone was really supportive; from my family and friends at home, to people I meet here. I meet amazing friends, learn new interesting things, feel constantly challenged at some points, and learn to enjoy this place more, and more, along the way.

I have made big decision, if everything goes well, I will let you know soon. It was hard, especially because I have only stayed in the comfort zone here for not too long.

Everything is going to be fine in the end, if it's not fine, then it's not the end yet. I wrote that sentence on my board, so when things get tough, I will see the sentence and smile. However, I sometimes forget about it. Maybe I will write it on a post-it-notes and just stick it near my laptop.

Well, maybe that is my main reason to go to college.

Not because of my ego, but for myself.

Cheers, and happy spring!

4 komentar:

  1. Wah, lama tidak berkunjung.
    4 paragraf terakhir bikin merinding euy—begitu pun gambarnya.
    Hmm, semoga sukses dan diberi kelancaran!
    Selamat menikmati musim semi. :)

  2. Kak Titan, ada rencana atau keinginan ga untuk writing something more serious than just blogging? A book perhaps.. :D

    1. Keinginan dan rencana mah ada di bucket list, hanya waktunya agak susah. We will see. Doakan saja, ya, Anonim :)

    2. Waahh!! Kalau begitu, ditunggu ya kak Titan ;D