22 Mei 2014

Getting Lost in Boston

I am done with finals.

So, after staying in my room for the past two days to pack (and telling my friends how it is really hard to pack), I decided to go out and enjoy the sun. I was just walking, walking, and walking, and there are so many amazing things I found along the way.

MIT Commencement (aka graduation) is in about two weeks. However, as you can see in the picture, the workers have started to set up the stage, and so on. Unlike in Indonesia, where graduation happens in  big gymnasium/ hall, MIT has its commencement outside. No wonder, you either get a bad sunburn, or get rained on. The view is really pretty, though. What is not pretty about MIT dome?

It really feels like summer. I kind of regret that I didn't take any picture of this road during spring, because it was really beautiful. Every Tuesday and Thursday around 12:45 pm this semester, I walked through this road to go to one of my Econ classes. It was amazing to see how the trees transformed, from winter, to spring, and then summer.

I have told you before about the subway train that comes out to pass this bridge. This is my first time actually being this close, watching the red line train pass by, and feeling the ground shaking. Nonetheless, it is really cool to see the train coming out from the ground, passing the bridge, and going back in. Cool sky, too!

Mobile incubator, that's what it's called. You can make it by utilizing some parts in your car (and use the car light as the light to keep the incubator warm). This project has been developed in Massachusetts General Hospital, to be implemented in developing countries with limited tools, access to electricity, and hospital infrastructures.

When I pass by this hospital, I realize that they have a brand new museum with free admissions (!). The museum is really modern, and they've got some really old doctor surgical instruments. They also have interactive videos where you can learn about cancer, how the surgical instruments have evolved, how diagnosis process works, and how imaging technology used in hospital has changed over time. When you leave, you also get free postcards, haha, so you should go there when you have time!

I get lost in Beacon Hill area, with no map whatsoever, so I just follow my intuition. When I see this building, Massachusetts State House, I know right away that I am close to Boston Common. Yay, I know my way again!

There is something really unique in Boston Common. Since this weekend is Memorial Day, a day to remember the soldiers who died in battlefield for the county. There are, literally, thousands of flags on the park. The view is really breathtaking, especially when you imagine how each flag represents one person who died. This memorial is specifically for the soldiers who died in the wars 'against terrorism' after 9/11, and sponsored by John Hancock.

If you cross the street from Boston Common, you will reach public garden, and you will see Make Way for Ducklings statues. They are part of the children story that originates in Boston, about how the ducklings want to find a new home in the garden. In one of the parts, the ducklings try to cross the street, but it is really hard. It's still true until now, although the story was published around 70 years ago, haha.

Last but not least, the beautiful park and garden itself. Even the swan boat in the middle of the Public Garden already start to operate. It just seems a day ago that the whole lake was still frozen, and Katie (my roommate) and I could actually sit in the middle of the lake, on top of the ice.

I realize one more time, how everything around me has its own 'life'. It doesn't matter if you aware of them or not, they will keep changing; they don't need your 'consent'. The season changes, the trees change, so do the people.

I realize how someone who used to be really close to you, can get farther, and farther, just because you don't know how he/ she changes. Just like all places I mentioned above, you never know how the person actually is, if you don't pay attention to him/ her.

That's why I heard a person saying, "Friendship is not like one thing that will last forever, you need to nurture it, just like watering your plants."

Anyway, have a great summer, and try to get lost sometimes (in a place you're familiar with) to discover something that might be a treasure in the future.

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  1. Keren mbak...apalagi kalau ada foto selfie nya with MIT surrounding background haha lol :D

    *just kidding

  2. cantik bangeeeet summer disana :))

    1. Nggak secantik kalau kamu ada di sini :)