29 Juni 2014

Cologne Is Not Only About the Dom!

Köln Hauptbahnhof
Have you ever wondered where does Eau de Cologne term come from? Or, have you thought that this term is related to a town named Cologne in Germany, but you are not sure? Well, I am going to explain it to you in details on this blog post! :)

24 Juni 2014

Berlin and Its Long History

I had a chance to go for a day trip to Berlin last weekend, which I kind of regretted it. I am telling you, no one could explore the whole Berlin in one day, the city just offers too many different things, and they are all amazing.

So, I booked the train ticket to Berlin and I was lucky to get a promo ticket for one way (with ICE, the German high speed train!), and get a reduced price ticket for coming back (thanks to BahnCard!).

17 Juni 2014

Erlangen and Nuremberg: Friends, Toys, and Beers

Hello! I am going to tell you about my trip to Nuremberg, Erlangen, last weekend. Where are Nuremberg and Erlangen? They are located in the south of Germany, in a state called Bavaria/ Bayern (remember Bayern Muenchen?). Why did I decide to spend 2 days in Erlangen and Nuremberg?

Because I had a little reunion with my high school friends (not UWC, but my Indonesian high school).

From left to right: Ivan, me, Fitri, and Anne. Fitri is currently in an exchange program, she originally goes to NUS. Anne is studying in Erlangen, and Ivan is studying in Hannover.

11 Juni 2014

Hannover, Germany: A Beautiful Little Town

Hannover, a town close to Bremen and Hamburg, is a part of Niedersachsen area (Lower-Saxony) in Germany. It's a beautiful and nice city, and a major transit place for trains from Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, and other cities.

I went there last Sunday, so, all the shops and stores are closed, except several restaurants/ food courts/ some stores in Hauptbahnhof. My friend, Ivan, goes to Leibniz Universitat Hannover, studying Electrical Engineering, and he was my tour guide there. Leibniz, as you can recall, was a mathematician, who discovered integration in calculus among other things. His statue, picture, and handwritten notes -of binary numbers, are everywhere in Hannover.

There are two things that I would recommend you to do when you come to Hannover:

Groningen, the Netherlands: Happy Tummy and City

One of many benefits staying in Europe is, the close distance among the countries. I took the advantage of living in Bremen by going to Groningen, the Netherlands. It is only 3 hours by bus, and you can always get promo ticket on the internet.

I met my friends there: Ivan, my Indonesian high school friend, and Mbak Vega, Ivan's friend in Universitat Hannover (yes, I also visited Hannover, so wait for another blogpost!). Thanks to both of them, I didn't get lost in this town.

Groningen in the tourist information.

09 Juni 2014

9 Things You Notice When You Come to Germany

Disclaimer: I have only been to Indonesia, United States, Mexico, and Netherlands (well, only Groningen). So, the things that I find interesting/ different, might not be the same with what you think. Also, I'm trying to make the illustrations on this blog post, so I will appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

So, I have been in Germany for about 16 days, and whenever I go out, or travel somewhere, I notice several things that I find 'so German'. Here is the short list of what makes Germany, Germany, from my point of view.

The first one is bicycle!

02 Juni 2014

Rahma dan Rahmi

Namanya Rahma. “Seperti yang bisa kamu tebak, adikku namanya Rahmi,” begitu ujarnya pada semua orang, setelah memperkenalkan dirinya sendiri. Entah, mungkin dia ingin menekankan betapa tidak kreatif orang tuanya dalam memberikan nama anak-anaknya, atau karena dia ingin semua orang tahu mengenai adiknya yang beda enam tahun itu.

Rahma naik kereta KRD pukul enam dari Padalarang tiap hari untuk pergi ke sekolah, karena Bandung yang macet membuat angkot tidak lagi menjadi opsi yang diliriknya. Rahma benar-benar tahu kereta yang dia naiki ini, seberapa lama kereta ini akan telat, atau di gerbong mana dia masih bisa menemukan tempat duduk kecil untuk tubuhnya yang kurus. Bahkan, dia bisa naik KRD satu ini tanpa harus membeli karcis, dan bisa lolos tanpa ketahuan. Rahma memang anak yang pintar, tentu saja tak hanya soal KRD pukul enam ini.

01 Juni 2014

Bertekuk Lutut di Hadapan Cantiknya Hamburg

I will post in Indonesian this time, feel free to Google Translate it, haha.

Hamburg adalah kota yang cantik sekali! Hari ini, aku (sendiri, hiks), berjalan-jalan ke Hamburg. Ada banyak kereta dari Bremen Hauptbahnhof menuju Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, yang cukup membutuhkan sekitar 1 jam 15 menit. Karena kali ini aku menggunakan Niedersachsen Ticket, aku cukup membayar 22 Euro, untuk berwisata di daerah Lower Saxony, Hannover, Hamburg, dan Bremen, seharian penuh dengan menggunakan kereta apapun (kecuali ICE dan IC).