18 Agustus 2014

'Kacamata' Termahal

Enough with my travelling posts. Shouldn't I step back and actually think: how have I changed after all these trips?

Sudah sekitar tiga minggu terakhir aku berada di Tanah Air. Tentu saja menyenangkan rasanya untuk kembali, bertemu keluarga, teman-teman, dan makan makanan yang setengah mati kurindukan sebelumnya. Selain itu, walaupun terasa unsettling, fakta bahwa tak ada yang perlu kuhiraukan saat bangun tidur tiap paginya (tentu saja selain aplikasi visa dan self-study kelas Aljabar Linear), benar-benar melegakan. Ini hal yang kubutuhkan setelah setahun bekerja keras, begitu pikirku.

14 Agustus 2014

Surprising and Romantic Paris

It is going to be a long post, I try to write every details I see, feel, and listen. Please bear with me. 

From Vienna, I took a night train to M√ľnchen. The train arrived at midnight, so I was waiting in Wien Meidling Hauptbahnhof for quite a while. As I told you before, the wait was not too long because I met someone who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, a town 2.5 hour away by train from Boston.

Wien Meidling Hauptbahnhof

09 Agustus 2014

Vienna: Not Only about Mozart

After spending roughly two days in Prague, I left the beautiful city and headed to Vienna. I was surprised by the Czech train, because it was really empty. I remember when I booked a seat on the train several weeks ago, the train I wanted was already full. So, I booked a seat in the train 4 hours after, and was really happy to get a seat. Well, that was good, though, because I could use the whole 4-seat area next to me to put my suitcase. 

A train to Vienna.
You know what was even cooler?

05 Agustus 2014

The End of My Internship and a Beautiful City Called Prague

Hello, everyone! I think it has been too long since the last time I wrote here (it’s August already, isn’t it?). Just a quick update, after I finished my internship, I traveled for a little bit to Prague, Vienna, and Paris, before I flew home from Paris, just in time for Eid. So, the past two weeks have been a roller coaster for me: experiencing three different cities and their uniqueness, taking three different flights –while worrying about missing my connecting flight because of delay, adjusting back quickly because I came to visit my big family right away in Jogja for Eid, dealing with jetlag and reverse culture shock, and of course, being patient with the limited and slow internet.

Before it's too late, I would like to say Eid Mubarak to my Muslim brothers and sisters, please forgive me if there's anything I did/ said that hurt you. Let's keep up doing good deeds as what we did during Ramadan.

So, I will start slowly. With Prague. A beautiful city in Czech Republic, and so far, there is no city like this one.