15 Oktober 2014

Feeling Small: Good and Bad

It has been exactly two weeks since I arrived in Cambridge. There are so many things going on, so many new friends, and so much work to do. Well, not really, compared to weekly problem sets deadline at MIT, haha. Seriously, though, I am having trouble to 'unfreeze' my brain after four months of summer break.

Yet, Cambridge cannot stop being beautiful for a moment.

King's College, University of Cambridge. That's true, we cannot step on the grass.

Yet, the River Cam keeps flowing, and you can always find people punting, trying to finish off the season.

A cloudy day makes a big difference on the picture, doesn't it?
People move in, move out. One thing for sure: they need to adjust with their environment.

I realized that I could not afford wasting 1 hour every day just walking back and forth between my college and CUED (Cambridge University Engineering Department); so, I decided to get a bike. Special thanks to friends who help me buy one.
When unmet expectations arise, new atmosphere may sometimes make people feel homesick. Then, they will try to find comfort from 'home'.

Hi, Yee Ling! Hi, Katie! Hi, my room at MIT!
And when the workload feels unbearable...

And CUED Library feels stifling...
You will feel small.

Which is good and bad.

Because, it means, you have passed another stage of culture shock, and there will only be an increase in degree of familiarity with this new place.

Feeling disoriented, or having a hard time finding your 'place', can make you feel helpless, but remember that people who move (and dare to move) all experience the same thing.

You are not alone.

At least, you know, in the end, after all the adjustments, love-hate feelings, and roller coaster of culture shock, you will call this new place, home.

The deep meaning one, not what Amazon asks you.
We all go through that, and every single time we pass through it, will make it easier the next time we are facing it.

Just take it as an exercise to be a more powerful, amazing, brilliant, person. This, too, shall pass.

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  1. Hwaaa. Semangat ya Titaaaan. Hehehehe. Masih 'culture shock' kah? :p
    Nggak dong pastinya. Wong asyik begitu ya. :)

    1. Culture shock mah pasti :P Asyik? Nih cobain sendiri! *lempar buku-buku tebal* :))

  2. Amazing Titan.. so wonderful ... gorgeous ..

  3. Great Titan so cool,, gorgeous ... I wanna come to prove it..

  4. foto yg pertama seperti di alun2 bandung :) hehe