30 November 2014

Thank God, for...

It was Thanksgiving in the States last Thursday. I was kind of sad that I missed it; I mean, who could refuse a long 4-day weekend? I know there's a big controversy surrounding this celebration, how it actually means celebrating the 'genocide' of Native Americans, and so on.

Regardless, I want to reflect a little bit, and extend my thank to everyone who has affected me. I want to thank my family and friends for everything. This time, I want to thank people whom I haven't formally thanked before, although they have given so much to me.

Thank God, for...

You! People who read my blog.

I cannot believe how long I have been blogging. Hopefully, during all this time, reading my blog has affected you in good ways. I started having this address since 2006, but actually had my first post on 2008. It has been 6-8 years!

Thank you for all the feedback I receive in comment section of every post, on my other social media, especially Twitter and Ask.fm, and of course on my e-mail. It is amazing, to see how people actually read things I write. Writing is just another way of relaxing for me, but you are reading them. Once again, thank you so much.

Feel free to contact me, although I do keep certain things private. So, I'm sorry if I don't approve your friend request on Facebook (gayanya sudah macam artis terkenal saja, Tan), or allow you to follow my Instagram. I do understand that my social media is rubbish, so I don't want to spam you with things you don't want to know. It would be great if you could just contact me via e-mail for queries. Just look at it on 'Contact Me'. I mostly check the inbox at least once every week, and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, I really appreciate it.

Lulu, my kindergarten friend.

I have a really close friend in my kindergarten. My attempt to find her via social network, Google, hasn't given any results yet. I only know two things: her name is Lulu (don't even remember her full name), and we went to the same kindergarten.

I want to say thanks to her for being my friend during the year, and standing with me.

I remember clearly how my first report in kindergarten said, "Titan is anti-social, and she doesn't have any friend." I also got bullied by this girl who always pulled my ponytail whenever she saw me. I don't know why, so don't ask me why, haha.

But anyway, I just realized how degrading it is to say negative things to a little kid who barely knows anything.

Lulu and I had a lot of fun, with other friends as well, like Budi, Prima, and many others. We liked role-playing, and Sailor Moon was huge back then. Lulu was really nice to always give me Usagi (the Sailor Moon) role. She would take either Sailor Mercury or Sailor Venus. For some reasons, Budi always wanted to be Sailor Mars.

If we got bored of this game, we would go to the back of the kindergarten, where there was a lot of cassava trees. We would take a leaf from the tree, and make a necklace out of it.

Oh, guys, I wish I knew where all of you are right now! (No, don't tell me to try Find Alumni feature on LINE, I still don't have it on my phone!)

Giving me a pair of legs.

I don't like taking selfie, but I like taking selfoot (taking the term from Om Nukman), I may not have a high-end shiny car, but I have a pair of legs, so I can walk wherever I want to.

Yes, this has been taken in the last 5 years, and you can clearly see my favorite pair of shoes there.
Letting me born in a paradise.

Thank God for letting me born to my family, in a beautiful country called Indonesia. It never fails to make me homesick, and I hope I can spend the rest of my life there after I sort out all the things here (yang bersifat keduniawian: pekerjaan, sekolah).

I know someone would argue that I feel like it's a paradise because I grow up there. I don't care, I still believe that my home country actually is a paradise. Beautiful place, nice and welcoming people, perfect climate.

Giving me Bu Laela as my history teacher in middle school.

Everyone knows how I underestimated social science back then. I thought, 'I don't care about social science, you just need to memorize it, and everything is fine. It's not a big deal.'

Then, I got Bu Laela as my history teacher in 8th grade. She made me realize that social science, especially history, exists for a reason. There are so many people who have made the same mistakes as people in the past. If they have learnt it, they wouldn't be trapped in the same mistake.

Bu Laela taught me how history has so many different perspectives, and actually follows a certain logic. She is also the best storyteller in the world; learning history from her is like throwing myself back to the history period. She made us feel as if we were in the place of decision makers back then, and encouraged us to think how the decision was made and what the options available were.

Loving me in so many ways.

As a Muslim, I do believe that God has planned everything carefully for me, and given me the best things that He thinks I deserve. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it goes really smooth.

Thank God for giving me a chance to live my life, and do what I want to do. Thank God for always listening to me, and answering my prayers. Please let me do more positive things in this world to others, and make people around me happy, before I actually leave this place.

Thank God, for... everything.

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  1. Iya banget lah kak Bu Laela itu udah emang paling the best buat ngajar sejarah wkwk

    1. Iya, kan? Paling juara sedunia pokoknya :)