12 Desember 2014

Letter from the Past: 22nd

Dear Titan,

Time flies by really fast, right? A year ago, you just celebrated your 21st birthday, with all your friends both at MIT and around the world. You had your first lobster with your roommates and friends: Kelly, Katie, and Yee Ling; you also got showered by blessings and prayers from your other close friends. Even though turning 21 was not a big deal for you (since you don’t drink alcohol, anyway) and it was during finals week, you still smiled really big, were being so optimistic about the coming year.

And all these people changing their names and avatars into me.

You wanted to go to Europe and explore a new continent; you did it (well, you’re still doing it). You wanted to go home and meet your big family and friends over the summer, spent Eid there, and you did it.

You wanted to have a great year with new achievements, new friends, and new perspective. You had them all.

You are amazing, inside and outside. Some people want to be like you, and some others hate you because of it. Remember, you cannot please everyone in this world; the only thing you could do is to try to be the best version of you, and let people with no logical reason of hating you go. It’s their problem, not yours.

You are great, and you have gone through so many things. Remember, there are always obstacles, ups and downs. Be humble, remember the phrase, ‘Padi: semakin berisi semakin merunduk’ (As the rice grows up -becomes ‘more filled’, the more it bends down). Be one.

When things don’t go as you planned, it’s just a warning for you. You might not spend enough time with your friends or families, or you might not pray enough to the Almighty God. Or perhaps, you haven’t given the yearly charity? It is not always because you are not working hard enough. I know you always work hard, but there are X-factors you cannot control.

You are beautiful. No matter how much most Indonesian girls don’t like their fair-skin, remember that your appearance comes from your parents. They have worked so hard, so you can reach this point in your life. Be grateful to them, be thankful of the genes they have inherited. Also remember, that the best makeup a woman could wear, is a wide smile and positive attitude. It affects your aura and how you look in front of the people. Be confident with all you have; remember, you have worked so hard and you deserve it. You deserve to be more confident.

You are a nice person. I know the first report that your kindergarten teacher gave to your parents said, “Titan is not social enough, and have a limited number of friends.” I know this statement has been haunting you. You like being surrounded by your friends, but you always find it awkward to roam around when there are too many people. It’s okay and normal to be like that. Don’t force yourself to be too outgoing. When you need your own time to listen to music and write a blog, please do so. Don’t ever mind what other people say, especially when they say, “You are anti-social.” A limited number of close friends whom you can connect to seamlessly is better than many friends whom you only know on the surface.

You deserve a break. When the workload is getting too much, please take a break, either for 10 minutes or one hour. Get yourself a Georgetown Cupcake, when you want it. Or a Toscanini’s green tea ice cream. Or a Porter Square green tea milk shake. Or a Chinatown bubble tea. Or a nice walk along the river. Or an episode of a Korean drama. Please do it, and keep yourself sane and happy. Getting the top place, or keeping up with work don’t matter as much as your happiness, sweetheart.

Dream on more things, and make them come true. You know how it works, and you still have a long bucket list of what you want to do. Don’t be afraid and live your life, just like what you have been doing. Make this life fun, send surprise letters to your friend, go to a random place, fill out your Listography book, and create a long list of what you want to do next year. Don’t think too much if you fail to achieve one. You still have thousands of dreams you want to pursue, don’t be too busy of spending time thinking about your failures.

Sleep well, eat well, and just be well in general. Don’t let the closest people to you worry about your well-being, because they have got too much to worry about. But also, don’t be afraid to talk and share your thoughts with them. Discuss different things with them. Remember, to be well physically, you also need to be well mentally.

The last one, you are not a little kid anymore, but don’t let the society defines how an adult is supposed to behave. You know better.

One last assignment for the end of the year, before you get busy travelling (or studying for your mock exam), please write a list of things you want to achieve in 22, including the places you want to visit in the UK, what’s your plan for Spain, and what you want to do over the summer. Dream big, remember?

2015, in short. I hope.
You are a great woman, and I am so proud of you. Keep smiling, keep shining, Titan.

Happy birthday. Wish you all the best for coming years.

Titan (from the past)
St. Edmund’s College, 16 November 2014, 11:26 PM

PS. My favorite piece of music that describes this letter.

2 komentar:

  1. Kak Titaaan, happy birthday! Semoga kesuksesannya selalu menginspirasi banyak orang, semoga umurnya berkah, dan kakinya bisa mengelilingi dunia! Have a great year ahead kak.

    - Caca, adik kelas SMP Kak Titan, temennya Yacob. Hehe.

    1. Terima kasih banyak, amiiin :) Yeah, alumni SMP 1 unite! :))