06 Desember 2014

Recap: Michaelmas Term

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing well, just like me now. I thought I was not going to pull through this, but I did it, anyway. If you are having your finals now, or just having a really rough week in general, pat yourself on your back, and tell yourself, "This, too, shall pass."

So, here is a recap from my Michaelmas term!

First: Matriculation photograph. Now, Cambridge will forever remember my face. Try to find my face! Photo by Sara S.

I have told you about my matriculation to St. Edmund's College before, including how nice the dinner was. However, our picture of 2014 cohort was actually taken at the end of orientation week, when the weather is still super nice, and the sky was more often being blue than gray.

There are, I believe, hundreds of us. As you can see from the picture, Sara didn't take the whole picture. There are still more people on the right and left. When I posted this picture on my Instagram, my middle school friend told me, "They all look so old!" Come on, +Muhammad Surya Nugraha, of course. I have told you that my college only accepts 21 years old or above people, as a 'mature' college.

It is really interesting, though, that there are many more guys than girls...

I also had my mock exam yesterday, which I prefer not to talk about it, haha.

How I study for Marketing class, basically.
Surprisingly, the exam set-up is really similar to when I was doing IB Exam at UWC. Is this a British thing? When I think about it, Cambridge is slightly more than 800 years old now, and International Baccalaureate curriculum actually originates from the UK. So, that's understandable.

Including this string tag. It binds your question booklet, and you use it to bind your answer sheets at the end of your exam. It is supposed to be more environmentally friendly than the staples, and more binding than the paper clips.

The string tag. Source.
In addition, there is also the data book. It was not my favorite thing to look for some constants, formulas, graphs, among other things. IB Data Booklets were already quite thick to go through, but it still cannot be compared to CUED Data Books.

A whole heavy duty binder. It consists of: Mechanics, Structures, Materials, Thermofluids, Electrical and Information, Mathematics, and Guide to Units.
I know, the cover is really cute. But, it is sometimes a nightmare when you are looking for a particular formula; you know it's there, but you cannot find it.

When I was studying for Thermodynamics, I realized something. My professor actually wrote a quote on the first page of the very first lecture handout.

Thermodynamics, from the pro perspective.
I also attended a formal hall in Fitzwilliam College, with PPI-Cambridge (Association of Indonesian Students in Cambridge) members.

PPI-Cambridge. Credit: Sabrina A.
On Halloween's day, we also attended a formal in Downing College.

Yep, we had to wear a costume, but I refused to do so. Credit: Mas Rizki.
It was, of course, really nice to talk in Indonesian (or in English, sometimes) about most recent issues in Indonesia, and different perspectives that we have. From research work, to undergraduate life; from Syahrini to Indonesian night life; we talked about everything. I am really lucky to be able to engage in discussion with them, the soon-to-be leaders of Indonesia. It is definitely one of so many parts I am going to miss when I leave Cambridge.

Another part, of course, is the (other) new friends I make here. We are actually planning on doing a potluck tomorrow, and each of us will cook a food from our home country. Yes, my group of friends is really international this time, haha. Not a big surprise, right?

Then, of course, since it is getting really cold, I will not be able to punt until the spring comes. That means, the pictures from now on, will be gray and dark, until the new season comes. Until then, here, enjoy my first punting picture.

Thanks, Sara's camera! It looks so good, haha.
My winter break plan? It is going to be a surprise, haha (especially if you are a SMAN 3 Bandung 2011 graduate). Otherwise, I am going to study a little bit more, preparing for my visa application, and also applying for summer internship.

Wait, visa what, Titan?

Yes, I am going to Barcelona, Spain, next spring. That's a good news, right? I might have told you that I am taking Spanish this term. Even though I have never taken any formal Spanish class before, I am in lower intermediate level now (what's so called a 'fake beginner' level). I am actually ineligible of going to Barcelona trip arranged by Language Unit of CUED, but I convinced my teacher (thanks, Sebastian!) that I am going to work hard to reach a certain level. This is important, because there are going to be lectures, visit to factories, as well as networking sessions arranged in Barcelona.

I hope it is going to go well. Then, I have more story to share with you guys.

Happy Holidays, take time off to rejuvenate, and have fun!

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  1. mudah sekali cari kamu titan...cari yang pakai jilbab.. :)

  2. keren bgt kak! aku mau kayak kakak! pengen dapet beasiswa ke MIT dehh :)