29 Mei 2014

Internship at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

I will remember this as my first office desk, ever.

As I mentioned in previous post(s), I am currently doing a research internship in Production and Logistics Network Workgroup at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Some of you may wonder why I am doing this logistics engineering thing, while my background is mechanical engineering.

26 Mei 2014

Wilkommen in Bremen

I have been in Bremen for two days, yet I feel like it has been a really long time. Yesterday, I was busy unpacking, buying groceries, getting to know the housemates and the house itself, and getting used to the place I am staying in general. Today, I went to Central Bremen and visited different places with my friend from UWC, Kyoko. She had a semester abroad in Copenhagen, and she is travelling Europe now before coming to Japan. To our surprise, we also met other UWCer, Eric, whom took me around the university where I will be interning, and other UWCers: Rabin, Ernesto, Julie, Louis.

It is really nice to see all my friends (I haven't met some of them in the past 3 years) and see cool places, but at the same time this makes me wonder about many things. Why does Germany have such a good transportation system (although it might not be right on time)? What makes a German, a German? Why do they do A instead of B?

22 Mei 2014

Getting Lost in Boston

I am done with finals.

So, after staying in my room for the past two days to pack (and telling my friends how it is really hard to pack), I decided to go out and enjoy the sun. I was just walking, walking, and walking, and there are so many amazing things I found along the way.

18 Mei 2014

Last Push: Tips for Studying

I still don't understand how Rankine ovoid* works, and I have my fluid mechanics final on Monday. I have spent hours and hours to study, but I still cannot do the practice exam. I have gone through the problem sets three times, but I still need to think what steps I should take next to solve the problems.

Are those feelings familiar to you?

*Rankine ovoid, for those of you who are wondering.

The end of another academic year is approaching fast. Some of my friends are done with their finals, and are already home for the summer break. My school is kind of late compared to other schools, since we've still got one more week of finals week before summer break officially starts. 

12 Mei 2014

Almost Summer

Pelataran depan Student Center.

Dua minggu lagi libur musim panas dimulai. Meskipun aku dan teman-temanku sibuk mempersiapkan ujian, dan menyelesaikan proyek-proyek di kelas-kelas kami, cuaca yang membaik, pemandangan yang makin indah, tak bisa kami tinggalkan begitu saja.

01 Mei 2014

Sekolah di Luar Negeri: Ya atau Tidak

*I no longer update this blog, I have moved to: https://noortitan.wordpress.com. Thanks!

"Dance with Me", diambil oleh Katie Adler untuk project Mekanika Fluida-nya.

Salah satu temanku, +Rizky Rahmany, beberapa waktu lalu membagikan sebuah link blog dengan judul "Bahaya Buku Andrea Hirata". Penulis aslinya sudah menghapus entri ini dari blognya, tapi masih bisa dibaca di sini.

Saya akan meng-copy-nya di sini, jadi maaf kalau postingan kali ini terasa agak panjang.