30 November 2014

Thank God, for...

It was Thanksgiving in the States last Thursday. I was kind of sad that I missed it; I mean, who could refuse a long 4-day weekend? I know there's a big controversy surrounding this celebration, how it actually means celebrating the 'genocide' of Native Americans, and so on.

Regardless, I want to reflect a little bit, and extend my thank to everyone who has affected me. I want to thank my family and friends for everything. This time, I want to thank people whom I haven't formally thanked before, although they have given so much to me.

Thank God, for...

You! People who read my blog.

I cannot believe how long I have been blogging. Hopefully, during all this time, reading my blog has affected you in good ways. I started having this address since 2006, but actually had my first post on 2008. It has been 6-8 years!

24 November 2014

Birmingham: Frankfurt German Christmas Market

I really wanted to go to Pasar Seni ITB 2014 (Art Market held by my friends' university, Bandung Institute of Technology) this Sunday. It happens every four years, and my friends this year are participating in the committee. Ami, my middle school friend, even told me, "I haven't slept for three days, and I haven't come home for the past one week. I even brought a sleeping bag to campus."

So, you can imagine how much I wanna be there, right? And I had a rough week, as you can see from previous post, haha. Gawat, lama-lama ketahuan state of mind-ku berdasarkan tulisanku, haha.

I decided to go to Birmingham, to one of the biggest Christmas Market in the world, outside Germany of course (because that's where the Christmas Market tradition comes from).

Toys! Nutcrackers! Haribo! Wine! Bratwurst! Schokolade! 
I felt like I entered a time machine (or pintu ke mana sajanya Doraemon), and went back to Germany.

21 November 2014

A Day in a Cambridge (Exchange) Student's Life

What is it like to be a Cambridge student? What is it like to study in a world-class university, share classes with brilliant minds, and be taught by the professors who invent and discover groundbreaking things?

It is like...

You are seeing the sun, but you feel like you're still in a dark place. A very dark one.

11 November 2014

Ada Apa dengan Cinta? Ada Apa dengan LINE?

Hari Sabtu pagi, LINE-ku ribut sekali. Aku baru bangun, karena malam sebelumnya aku tidur jam dua. Ada apa?

'Ada Apa dengan Cinta?' dibuat mini dramanya, kawan!

08 November 2014

Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes night is when people are outside, watching big fireworks, and staying for bonfire after that. Credits of this pic goes to Sara.
I was wondering about the same thing like you, when I heard some rumors few days ago. "Yeah, it's Guy Fawkes night, so there will be an awesome fireworks, and huge bonfire." Who is this Guy Fawkes guy, and why do people celebrate him?

03 November 2014

Going to the Observatory for the First Time

I had a great weekend, I would say. I went to Downing College Formal Hall with some Indonesian friends here, at Cambridge. Then, the day after, I went to an International Food Festival and tried different foods from different parts of the world: from jollof rice (Ghana), to mango lassi (India); from veggie bun (China), to milk tea (Thailand). After that, my friends here told me that we could go to observatory (!) which is located in West Cambridge area.

Going to observatory is on my lifetime bucket list.