22 Mei 2015

Afternoon Tea in Grantchester

Last weekend, my friend, Jeremy, a PhD student in Engineering, and I decided to cycle to Grantchester, a tiny town, which is about 5.5 km from our college, or 4 km from Cambridge city center. Grantchester is famous for its tea garden. You can enjoy your afternoon tea, with scones, in the garden.

The shortest way to go there from my college was to take the narrow path in Grantchester meadows. It was such a beautiful day! There were so many yellow-white little flowers, which are the signs of spring here.

Further down the road, there are some cows chilling under the trees.

We went to the famous afternoon tea garden: The Orchard Tea Gardens.

Enjoying your afternoon tea with your family or friends. So full!
After we parked our bikes and took off our jackets ("It's so hot! It's not even summer yet!"), we waited in line to get our scones and tea. We chose to get fruit scones and Earl Grey tea. Jeremy got the raspberry jam, and I got the strawberry jam. I wanted to try the apricot jam, but didn't really want to risk my first nice afternoon tea after a long time.

Yes, fruit scones and Earl Grey!
Apparently, to eat the scone, you need to divide it into two. Then, you spread the clotted cream first before putting on the jam. "The clotted cream is denser, so it sticks to the scones better. If you put the jam first, you will spoil the layer because it is less dense," said my friend.

The jam was really nice! Each portion of jam was put into a nice glass jar. Really pretty, and more environmentally friendly, because you can recycle it.

Another thing is, the English usually put cream (or milk) into their tea. However, it is different than milk tea (or 'teh tarik'), because you don't put a lot of sugar into it. Nevertheless, I still put a lot of sugar into any of my tea, haha.

Later on, my other friends, Alice and Thomas joined us. We did not expect them to be there around the same time. They actually walked all the way from the city center! So impressive.

After enjoying a nice talk over tea and scones, we decided to head back because each of us still have something to do. I really want to go there for the last time before I leave England. I am going to ask my friends who are gonna be done with exam in few weeks to come with me. Then, we will enjoy a nice conversation over tea in the garden, just like what the English does.

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  1. Amazing Experiences Tan,... di England paling terkenal ritual minum teh nya, kalau di indo ada ritual juga makan pagi pake nasi uduk atau nasi kuning