22 Mei 2015

Afternoon Tea in Grantchester

Last weekend, my friend, Jeremy, a PhD student in Engineering, and I decided to cycle to Grantchester, a tiny town, which is about 5.5 km from our college, or 4 km from Cambridge city center. Grantchester is famous for its tea garden. You can enjoy your afternoon tea, with scones, in the garden.

The shortest way to go there from my college was to take the narrow path in Grantchester meadows. It was such a beautiful day! There were so many yellow-white little flowers, which are the signs of spring here.

Further down the road, there are some cows chilling under the trees.

12 Mei 2015

'Wish You All the Best!'

Belakangan ini, aku sadar akan suatu hal saat aku melihat sosial media milikku. Banyak teman-temanku di Indonesia yang mengunggah foto pesta kejutan ulang tahun teman mereka, atau balon, bunga, selempang, dan makanan untuk teman-teman mereka yang lulus sidang skripsi. Tidak lupa, foto-foto itu dibuat kolase berdempetan banyak, atau kadang cukup satu foto saja dengan semua orang yang terlibat dalam perencanaan acara-acara tersebut.

Apakah makna 'selamat' telah mengecil menjadi unggahan foto sambil memberikan hadiah dan kue macam-macam?

Tulisan kali ini terinspirasi dari ulang tahun temanku. Selamat ulang tahun, semoga segala sesuatunya lancar, ya!

05 Mei 2015

Exam Period at Cambridge

Hello, everyone! I know that I haven't kept up with my blog for a while. There is a lot going on, in my life, especially. Another significant thing that happened in my life for the past two weeks: third year exam at Cambridge.

Apparently, exams at Cambridge happen during Easter term, and they cover materials from the whole year. Yes, there is no midterm at Cambridge, so large percentage (almost 100%?) of final grades of your courses depends on these two weeks.

So, I was locking myself in my room, and having video calls with family and friends. I realized that the exams were coming up, about two weeks before, when I got back from Barcelona. "How am I supposed to learn all these 8 modules in the next two weeks?" I managed it. Don't ask me how. I still sleep properly, eat properly, and have occasional hangouts with my friends.

Like having karaoke with PPI (Indonesian Students Association) at Cambridge. Photo was taken from Shinta's phone.