20 Juli 2016

Moving to a Better Place?

I have started thinking about different things in the past few days. Actually, the past few weeks. Is it because I no longer have weekly problem sets or final projects due? Or, is it because I have so much free time after working hours, when I am in SUTD student hostel room by myself? Maybe.

Sometimes I find a little pleasure browsing through my YouTube home. Two weeks ago, I was playing “Lelaki Kerdus” repetitively while giggling (or “Yee Tu Hantu”). Yesterday I was woken up in the middle of night, and I randomly checked my LINE group chat. My friend started by asking, “Do you guys know ‘awkarin’?” The conversation rolled, and we ended up discussing how the society has changed so much over time, especially in presence of social networks and influencers.

The fact that I have graduated from college and will be starting my graduate studies this fall also contribute to a lot of ‘thinking sessions’ I have these days. Questions such as, “What do I aspire to be? What am I going to do 5 years down the line? When do I want to move to a more serious terms with my partner?”