22 Agustus 2016

Last Post: I'm Moving!

Saya sudah memustukan. I have decided. I am moving to Wordpress.

There are several reasons, and the process is honestly, really long. Thanks to YouTube and Google, I have all the post on this blog, moved and ready to be read on my Wordpress.

I still haven't figured out how to fix all the backlinks, though; or how to redirect from Blogspot to Wordpress. I hope you like my new blog better.

Here we go: https://noortitan.wordpress.com

Please feel free to visit my new blog. I have added 3 more posts there, which are not published on my Blogspot.

  1. Frequent Flyer
  2. Learning from Singapore: Wildlife Reserves Management
  3. Pengepul Kacang
The past 8 years have been wonderful. I have shared a lot of things with all of you through this blog. I thought the day when I stopped writing here would never come. However, it eventually does.

Thank you for all your support! It's time to move.

Tl;dr Blog saya sudah pindah ke https://noortitan.wordpress.com. Mulai saat ini, saya tidak akan menulis postingan baru di Blogspot saya, tetapi di sana.

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